Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Gone To Find My Soul......Someone Stole It.........

OXO always..


Idaho Dad said...

Just remember to keep your eyes open! You never know what you might see.

Take care.

Intense Guy said...

*Sits mutely and pats Janet the Special Wonderful Chicken on the head as she frets*

I'd want to help you look, but I'm not sure what a soul looks like - but I'm thinking it's pretty shiny.

Elizabeth said...

Hopefully it left a trail of Smarties for you to find... :)

Irene said...

Silly you, nobody can steal your soul. It is like saying that someone ripped your head off and you are still talking. Come on out of there now.

sparrow said...

*sitting cross legged on the floor and feeling the blue run into the red , knowing it will be violet*.

I love my Mel.

We (Sylph-types) are right there with you.


Annie Wan said...

looking forward to your return .... with soul x0x

Toriz said...

I'll keep an eye out for it for you. ;)

Hope you find it soon. *hugs* :)

meggie said...

Haven't you heard about Rubber Soul??
It is going to bounce right back to you, you know.

Hugs from down under!!

The Fool said...

Keep an open mind and you'll find your soul...

The Fool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Uh, I was taught how to do “soul retrieval by a Navajo shaman.

Anonymous said...

See you wheb you get back. Don't fall over a cliff or anything silly. Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

hope you plaice your sole real soon x

Pam said...

bloody hell, woman! you've only just got back not but a bit ago. i guess sometimes you just have to do what's best for you. hurry back. xo

buffalodick said...

Thinking of selling mine on E-Bay...

Unknown said...

Well, I hope you at least have some wonderful adventures along the search, and you find it bright, shiny and new!

Akelamalu said...

You've got the most beautiful soul of anyone I know no wonder someone wanted to steal it! It won't have gone far because it belongs to you and only you. Come back soon m'dear. You know where I am if you want to have a rant or anything. xx

Cedar Street Kid said...

Playing "hide and go seek" with yourself, that is always a worthy endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Get quiet and your soul will let you know when it finds it way back.
Sometimes fame is a sneaky thief. It's hard to be open and remain true to you. Hard not to please others.

Good luck in your search Marmie.

Love ya...J-

Georgina said...

Toastie, It wasn't me! Trust me I'm a scouser. France (((XXX)))

LadyStyx said...

*sits next to iggy, feeding Janet handfuls of chicken feed for comfort and looks around for a Marmiesoultype thingy flittin around*

.oO(ooooh I see something shiny!)

Kati said...

(((((HUGS))))) Toasty, I hope your knee is healing well this time. Much love from the frozen North, headed your way!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just taking a short holiday. We all need to get away at times to rejuvenate, maybe it's just floating right above your head to see how you are doing lately and will join you shortly. The Stickman

goatman said...

I lost my gumption once. But looking I found it was there all the time, hidden --playing tricks on me!
You must be hiking dancing and swimming by now on that new knee; I hope its functional now.

laughingwolf said...

no need for it... you run on spit n vinegar, no? O lol

hurry back!

ChrisB said...

Take care and hope to see you soon :)

JeanneH said...

Don't worry, Marmie...you'll find it ~ actually you'll see it was there all the time. And another thing...we all have shattered dreams ~ that's part of life. It doesn't mean we stop dreaming. We revive those old dreams, or dream new ones. You have a very beautiful and very deep soul, I can't imagine anyone or anything pulling it up out of you! Hang in there. Wish I could be there to give you a big (((hug))) right now!! Love from JeanneH in Idaho xo

Lulda Casadaga said...

Sending you love & hugs & kisses from across the pond. I can send you cliches but would rather send you a pint. cheers my dear...go get quiet and come back soon!

Deb said...

Well, I am not sure what to say. I came over to nourish your soul since you left such kind, thoughtful comments over at my blog. I enjoyed my visit here and I certainly do look forward to visiting you again soon. Take care.

Pamela said...

my trouble is my mind is open and everything is spilling out the edge.

ps. I tried to send you an email using the yahoo address on your profile - to show you a picture of the little guy fishing at my pool.
It was undeliverable??
... The fisherman is visible in this post called The Project

Dumdad said...

I didn't nick it, honest!

Queenie said...

Your fibbing aren't you? your on your up way here to make sure I'm getting the chicks home right, and to have a drink with Akela and me. We'll play SOUL music, drink to the future and all the prats we've know in the past. If I don't hear the doorbell, just shout over the fence!!!!!

Catch said...

Oh Marm....no one can take your soul! they might take your shoes or your last slice of bread...but not your soul!

Come visit me and see what I have done to my poor Mama!!! lol

Flowerpot said...

I know the feeling...!

Maggie May said...

Your soul belongs to you! Have a little rest & come back to us!

Lu' said...

Well the door may be shut but I'm betting there is still plenty of activity.

Robin said...

Hope you're back soon, and contented.

It was so nice that you visited at my place. Gotta look up your comment about moonflowers.....


JBelle said...

save me some seeds from the plum colored pentemon?

Toriz said...

*Still keeping an eye out for MarmiteToasty's soul*

Slip said...

Bout time you open back up for business!

LadyStyx said...

*attempts to tempt Marmie back in by strewing dried out dandelions everywhere*

MarmiteToasty said...



~(((phil)))~ my eyes have been open so much of late, maybe its time to just close them....xxxxx

~(((intense guy)))~ my soul is that pathetic thing that I tried to hold tight to, like I have all my life, and I was tricked out of it lol...I DID NOT GIVE IT UP EASILY, I THOUGHT THE HANDS WERE SAFE, its not shiny, its dull and damp LOL.... Janet is such a joy....xxxxx

~((((elizabeth)))~ oh oh, why cant it leave white malteasers lol.....xxxxx

~((((irene)))))~ it was taken by someone that needed it more, but NOW they need it more then ever, so I will have to wait til its used up.....xxxxx

~(((((pixie)))))~ I will NEVER be the person I once was, not now, that part is lost, as much as I want it back and need it back, it is gone.... love you to....xxxxxxx

~((((mei del)))~ what if I only return with a tin of beans? lol...xxxxx

~(((ToriZ)))~ can you feel amongst those welsh mountains, maybe a sheep farmer has it locked in a barn lol...xxxxx

~(((meggie)))~ this is the first time in my life that my soul has been stolen, Im hoping it does bounce back....xxxxx

~(((((((((((Foolie)))))))))~ maybe keeping an open mind is what let someone steal it in the first place.....hugs to you...xxxxxxx

~((((((((Saintly)))))))~ do one for me PLEASEeeee........xxxxxx

~(((((((((Coral))))))~ that will be sods law LOL....xxxxx

~(((((wanderer)))))~ LOL hahahahah you daft cow...xxxxx

~((((((ciara))))~ I know, I know, Im pathetic right.... all my strength has gone...... I think I NEED to talk to SirH... he will understand me LOL.....xxxxx

~(((((((buffalo)))))))~ oh my, now maybe I should look there :) ... hugs to you...xxxxxx

~(((((bina)))))~ so much has gone on lately I could write a dam book lol.....xxxxx

~(((((((ake)))))))~ DONT MAKE ME CRY lol.... its not a beautiful soul.... I just want them to give it back, its mine, they had no right to steal it, they promised not to..... it will be torn and tattered but its mine, and I want it back..... fank you for being you....xxxxxxxx

~((((cedar street kid))))~ I was never good at games.....xxxxxx

~(((((((((((((((((((jolie))))))))))))))~ thats what Im trying to do.... get quiet, realign my heart and mind, and try and make it safe for my soul to come back...love you girl, so much.....xxxxxxxx

~(((((((France)))))~ I know where it is, I just cant reach it.... didnt you know though, that scousers would steal from their muvvers LOL..... love ya....xxxxxx

~((((ladystyx))))~ Janet loves tinned sweetcorn, dont forget to give her some....xxxxxxxx

~((((((kati)))))~ the knee is F**l'd so that aint helping me search lol hugs and love to you..xxxxxx

~(((((((((((Stickman))))))))~ I hope so..... Its hard to live without my soul, its the one thing Ive always been able to hold on to through all the shit times in my life, Im lonely without it.....xxxxxxx

~((((((((goatman))))))~ hey you.... well if you gumption is with my soul, tell it to send it back to me lol...... nah the knee is F**k'd, but Im not going there lol.....xxxxx

~(((((crispy)))))))))~ maybe.... maybe not....xxxxxx

~((((jeanneH))))~ well, Ive always been a strong F it all sort of person, and this year has been a right proper eye opener to me.... never again will I leave myself so very open to lose anything again.... losing that and everything else with me knee on me plate has been a hard pill to swallow.... Im not deep, pathetic is the word LOL....hugs back atcha.....xxxxx

~(((lulda))))~ a pint of lager would go down a treat right now lol actually make it a pint of red wine :).... Im trying to still my heart and mind in the hope to tempt my soul back......xxxxxxx

~((((debbie))))~ sorry LOL.... scroll way back and you will see Ive not always been doom and gloom, you will have to go back a year though LMFAO..... I LOVE your blob.....xxxxx

~(((pamela))))~ Ive always been harsh on myself but tight with my feelings and only ever open when Im sure..... I let myself down bigtime lol...... I LOVE your little fisherman :)

my email is just marmitetoasty@yahoo.com


~(((((dumdad)))))~ you sure you didnt nick it whilst nicking the lead off our church roof? :)....xxxxxx

~((((((queenie)))))))~ I wish I was on my way somewhere.... just get in me car and drive and drive and see where the roads take me.... except, I have responsibilities on me shoulders.... but, I will HOLLER.....xxxxxxxx

~((((((((((catch)))))))~ but they did, they took it for safe keeping and they torn it and threw it away, and now I need to find it..... love you.......xxxxxxx

~((((((((((((flowerpot))))))))))~ I might be down your way next week, thinking of saying SOD IT and just heading to Cornwall..... north cornwall, if I go, Im gonna house hunt to....xxxxxx

~((((((maggie))))))))~ I never gave my soul lightly, I let it slip with love and promises.... Im sure if I rummage longer I will find it..... it might be torn and tattered, but it will hopefully still know me.....xxxxxxxx

~(((((((lu'))))))))~ yep, this is still a mad house lol and life goes on, souless or not......xxxxx

~(((((robin)))))~ I often sneak in your place..... just cos I aint been here, dont mean Ive abandoned everyone.... I quietly sneak in, and tiptoe out.....xxxxxxxx

~(((((((((((JBelle))))))))~ ok, its real dark, I took a photo yesterday but as yet cant put them on this new computer.... I love plants, they are the only thing that have kept me sane of late.....love you.....xxxxxx

~(((((ToriZ)))))~ LOL@you....xxxxxx

~((((((slip)))))))~ oye, bloody soul finding takes time ya know.... did ya get a change to read that book? :)....xxxxxx

~((((ladystyx)))))~ try white malteasers LOL......xxxxxxx


Unknown said...

Hey Marmy...been out in the analog world, making music for the masses...could swear i saw your soul dancing this saturday last at Dave's Lake Shack on Lake James in Indiana...imagine my surprise...i told it to finish it's beer and head for home...

Toriz said...

*Dresses for "typical Welsh weather" and heads up in to the mountains in search of a stray soul*

No luck so far, but I'm searching everywhere. Will grab anything that seems soul shaped and bring it for your inspection.

By the way... If you haven't seen it already, I sent you an e-mail... If you haven't gotten it then check your junk mail box... You know how my e-mails like to go in there. :)

*Makes mental note that white Maltesers might tempt you back in*

Good chocolate choice. ;) LOL!

Casdok said...

Hope you get it back in one piece.

Melody Ann Ross said...

Ya done yet???

If I were a soul running about wily nilly I think I would go to the seaside. Have you checked there?

<3 Mel Jr.

Pecos Blue said...

Hope you find it soon.

Intense Guy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Intense Guy said...

*Absent-mindedly gives Janet and Cedric some malteasers he finds in his pockets - and then realizes they aren't the tinned sweetcorn he got special just for them - oh well, sprinkles the sweetcorn out on the walkway in front of the pump house and hopes the dull and damp soul isn't locked up in some welsh person's barn with some randy sheep or it isn't ever going to come home*

Anonymous said...

It's there, Marmie, look on the back shelf in the closet where you keep your shoes. Look at the bottom at the soul. Bwa Ha Ha Ha!

Loved the picture, too. My mind has been gone for about two weeks now. Wonder what it's up to......



Anonymous said...

Tinkey Boy said hello to you on Shelleigh's site. :)

LadyStyx said...

*Waddles back in with white malteasers and some tinned sweetcorn*

*nudges Marmie to see if a blob may just happen to fall out*


Toriz said...

LMAO @ Iggy! :)

*Makes a note to check all the local barns and sheep-filled fields for the soul too... Especially ones with weird noises coming from them*

Lulda Casadaga said...

Marmie...I'm kayaking on the Delaware this weekend...going camping...I'll see if your soul is just beyond the bend trying to elude me.
If the Delaware was good enough for George Washington...then it is good enough for me. I won't tell anyone it is a BRIT soul I'm looking for... :)

Lil ol' me... said...

Thinking of you. You'll come thru this.

Rinkly Rimes said...

I do hope you found your soul. I loved your piece about the picket fence. I like Blurfing around the Blogs looking for ideas for poems, and I was attracted to your picket fence pictures. But your prose was so poetic I didn't think I could make it more so. So I'll just say Hi from Australia. (But born 'on the South coast of England' too)

Jackie said...

Queenie Said:

"Your fibbing aren't you? your on your up way here to make sure I'm getting the chicks home right, and to have a drink with Akela and me. We'll play SOUL music, drink to the future and all the prats we've know in the past. If I don't hear the doorbell, just shout over the fence!!!!!"
14 August 2008 21:52

Well, Mel...I don't have any chicks, I don't know Akela but I WOULD have a drink to the future, and I LOVE Soul music!

You would be mighty surprised if In_spired from Texas, USA showed up also!! Of course, I say this in jest but wouldn't it be fun!! Bet this old gal could show you young girls some 'tricks'!

Find your Soul and come back soon...


yellowdoggranny said...

probably them right wing, wingnut evangelican christians..they cant be trusted..plus they can't keep up with their deity...keep asking me if i found jesus..hell, i didn't know he was lost..
good luck finding it..

Anonymous said...

Love you right back...girl. I hope your day is a bright one today. Sometime (for me) it is how life has to be...one day at a time. I'll be answering your e-mail very soon. Dealing with a dying step-mom today. The end days can be so sad and hard for all of us involved.


buffalodick said...

Find your soul, you silly cow- I miss you...

sparrow said...

Tea, Mel?

I love you.

Robin said...

Just checking up on you, girl... Hope you're okay.

LadyStyx said...

Dropping in to leave a *HUGZ*!

Toriz said...

Just dropping in to say "hi" and leave some *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I have been swamped and not checking in as I should. Hang in there -- we all care so much. {{{HUG}}}

Ausgrl said...

Wandered in from Intense guys blog and just had to say I have spent a couple of hours reading.. wonderful thankyou

Ausgrl said...

Wandered in from Intense guys blog and just had to say I have spent a couple of hours reading.. wonderful thankyou

Jackie said...

Mel, thank you so much for your comment. It's not that I "inspire" by my blog, but that I'm inspired by my readers, such as you. I've really been in the dumps lately due to some things completely beyond my control...concerning a very dear friend. I have a lot of readers but only a few that make comments. It's "these few" that inspire me and keep me going. Thank you, again...and, hurry up and find your soul!!

eZ said...

I have been lurking your blog for a while. I would share my soul with you until you find yours, it is old and gray, and sometimes has a mind of its own, it really knows how to pick ya up and carry ya through crap when you need it!

buffalodick said...

Marmie- Dear, you have things to say... We all have only X amount of air left to breathe, so say them soon before it's too late. If you don't talk, I can't listen... soul schmoul- it never left you, you just stopped listening to it... The Immortal Buff ( who really knows alot of stuff!) Start writing again, before you blow up..

JeanneH said...

Marmie....you've been lurking yourself, haven't you? I see that you've put a photo of your beautiful chickens in here, and changed the pics around of your handsome boys....well, I miss you - I've been checking a couple of times a day to see if you've updated yet...get on it, will you? We miss you a LOT!! Love from Idaho - Jeanne H xoxo

MarmiteToasty said...

Well, my soul avades me still, I know now where is lies, I just need to tease it out and back to me....

Been doing much much soul searching especially this past fortnight....sigh..

~((((soul pumpkin))))~ :) if it was drinking a cold lager or a gin and orange with a little ice, then that most certainly might of been me soul, what time should I expect it to get home?.....xxxxxxxxxxxx

~(((((((toriZ))))))))~ the beacons thats where you need to look LOL..... I have been eating many white malteasers of late LMFAO.....xxxxxxxxx

~((((((casdok))))))~ I doubt it will be intact, I dont see how it possibly can be... but its ok, I wont be needing it much anymore in life....hope you and C are well....xxxxxxx

~((((pecos blue))))~ me to...xxxxx

~((((Iggy)))~ just for you I put a photo of me chickens in me sidebar :) .... xxxxxxx

~(((((jeannie))))))~ I looked in me dusty cobwebbed hiking boots and all I found was me hidden stash of cash but no soul lol I would swap one for the other lol....xxxxxxx

~((((((((InterplantChicken)))))))~ :) I LOVED that vid clip, and loved it even more when I sussed and sorted out the sound on this new computer..... it was so sweet of you to mention someone like me when you have just so many hundreds of maties.... I love you...xxxxxxx

~(((ladystyx))))~ after all the white malteasers I have comsummed over the weeks its all I can do to waddle lmfao....xxxxxx

~(((((ToriZ))))~ STOP INCOURAGING HIM lmfao....xxxxxx

~((((lulda casadaga))))~ goodness, my soul loves campfires and seaside shores at night... and the woods... so if you find it, sent the dam thing packing lol...xxxxxx

~((((((idaho escapee)))))))~ hey you.... course I will, just not intact, and after 50 years of letting not even some of the bad things in life take my soul, Im cross with myself to handing it over to easily....xxxxx

~((((rinkly rimes))))~ :) so your a southern to... I love your blob and promise to pop back soon....xxxx

~(((((Inspired))))))~ dont sell yaself short, dont you KNOW WHAT YOU DO for others?.... I would love one day to have a drink with AKE and Queenie, but Im not good company at the moment, when I find me soul, maybe I will take a little trip up north....xxxxxx

~(((((yellowdog granny))))~ hey you.... oh my god, you are one funny lady... I clicked over to your blob via IntenseGuy's and you had me laughing so much.... my posts are not all doom and gloom if your bored scroll back and have a read at some of the other rubbish....xxxxx

~(((((Jolie)))))~ so so sorry about your stepdad :(.... know you are in me thoughts even more at this time.. love ya girl...xxxxxxxx

~((((buffalo))))~ do you know what its like to be souless LOL.... I miss you to.... xxxxxxx

~((((pixie))))~ sitting here with a huge steaming mug of tea :) smiling at you.... love you....xxxxxxx

~((((robin)))))~ what a shit blobber I turned out to be aye? LOL....xxxxxxx

~((((ToriZ)))))~ leave malteasers LOL....xxxx

~(((out of the blue))))~ hey you... Im a boring old cow aint I LOL.....xxxxxx

~(((ausgrl))))~ waving at you... :) see not all me posts are doom and gloom lol.... cant believe me soul stealer took more then me soul LOL..... my ability to write anything from my heart has disappeared also .....xxxxx

~((((Inspired))))~ sorry to hear your having a hard I, I genuinely am :( - you my dear woman just dont realise what you do for others... you really dont get it do ya?.....xxxxxxx

~((((ez)))))~ well welcome to you dear lurker LOL.... that will be a $50 fine for lurking with intent to comment lol.... Im old and gray to, so it would be like a mirror image..... Ive aged beyond hell this past year LOL..... didnt think the loss of a soul could do so much damage both inside and out.... oh and the ops of course LOL.....xxxxxx

~(((((((buffalo)))))))~ LOL@you..... yeah bursting to go to the loo :) I always hang on until I almost pee me knickers lmfao.... I sat on the beach yesterday in the wind and drizzle... the little bit of beach outside the Ferryboat Inn, where we use to go as kids... and where Ive always taken my kids, it is a special place for me.... anyways I sat there most of the afternoon... til it got dark, it was nice there with no one else around.... and I listened and listened to try and catch a sound from inside.... I heard mumblings... but nothing clear.... Im so scared buff that it can find its way home and that the person that stole it has stomped on it.... *tears now*...gawds sake..... Enjoy your break, wish I was there LOL....xxxxxxxxxxx

~((((jeanneH)))))~ I know I owe you a cor blimey letter, please forgive me.... and lurking here lol.... well I popped in to open the windows, the place stank LOL.... I do not know if I have any Twaddle left inside me.... love ya.....xxxxxxxx

Toriz said...

*Gets loads of packs of white Maltesers... Some to leave to tempt the rarely seen MarmiteToasty... Some to use to try and tempt the MarmiteToastySoul from it's hiding place... And, of course, some to eat myself to keep up my energy while up in the mountains trying to capture them (and because, let's face it, white Maltesers taste good)*

Intense Guy said...

Oh! Those chickens are adorable! and such fine and healthy looking looking birds too. Thank you!

**very slowly slips the empty box of chicken nuggets off the top of his desk into the trash bin, hoping, even harder than he did when he wanted a b-b gun for Christmas that Janet, Mabel, Cedric and their beloved owner and parent doesn't see him doing so**

Maddy said...

Typical! I arrive, you leave, but how could I resist with the name like that.

buffalodick said...

You don't find your peace in the complicated things and thoughts, you will find them in the simple things you have valued and enjoyed. You bring others back to ground, I will bring you back by what you have read here. You are a fighter, and you will never lose, until you quit! We all at some time question our mortality. We get tired of fighting. I am fond of saying; "I'll hold the baby, you dance for awhile.." You got a bum leg, which has given you much pain. I almost died once, didn't, and will never again fear death or mortality- but still question; why me? What a wonderful world we live on, and yet we all still question our existence.. People in your world know you and love you- you are not done yet, I know this.
P.S. I you ever saw how long it takes for me to type all this, you might appreciate it more!My very best to you, as always... The Buf

MarmiteToasty said...

~(((toriZ)))~ I now buy the family packs and hide them lmfao, they have to just about be the most bestest munchies in the whole world... xxxxxx

~((((Iggy))))~ not many, actually no one, has seen Cedric as of yet or of how he came to be living with me, but aint that photo just grand... LOL@chicken nuggets.... since coming home from Maine last summer we dont do chicken nuggest but we buy quorn nuggets LMFAO.... we do eat an aweful lot of chicken though compared with any other meat.... and I ALWAYS apoligises to me birds when we do, just incase its great auntie Iris or Uncle Ken LOL BUT WE never have KFC, Ive seen a vid on how they treat their birds...we are KFC free house lol actually we very rarely have a take-away LOL...xxxxx

~((((maddy))))~ well welcome anyways lol where did ya come from?...xxxxx

~((((Buffalo))))~ if you knew me for real :) you would know just how much I love the little things the simple things in life and how unmaterialistic I truely am... how I would give my last tenner to someone else, of which I have done before.... Im very low maintenance really in life.... and Ive held those same principles for 50 years, I was a strong minded kid and through everything growing up I KNEW empathy and compassion and love for others even though I was never ever shown it... money dont mean anything to me....its actions of people and nature..... I would live in a shack in the middle of know where with love in my heart.... and I have never been a needer or a wanter.... and this is no longer about me shit knee, I can deal with that now... jebus I so wish I could explain proper to you... wanna come round for a cuppa tea and a scone lmfao...

I to have been at deaths door a couple of times, and my next of kin called to sit through the night with me, yet my next of kin I had to put down as my best friend... cos no one else would of cared, so I to have been there.... and I do not fear death either...

I just WANT my soul back, thats all, Ive protected it all these years, even my father couldnt beat it out of me, and something else that happened when I was barely 16, couldnt take it from me.... but this I gently gave.. and that is the hardest part.... I know non of that makes sense to anyone but me....

So, you can hold the chicken whilst I dance a while :)... fanks you, for being you, and believing in me....

AND LOL@your slow typing lmfao.... love ya...xxxxxx

Vodka Mom said...

WOW! This is some cool ass shit. Love your blog.

Lulda Casadaga said...

Well, sorry to say I did not find your soul at the campground in PA.
I thought for a moment I came close whilst on the river...but, no go!

The only thing that was constant was the sound of the lorries buzzing by on I-84...you see the campground is right near a superhighway. And my dogs got loud a few times...It sucked noise wise, but just being on the river takes you away. Also seein my sis and cousin is priceless. I peed my pants a few times with all the laughing & joking around.

Hang in there ole girl...gee, I see a little white coming out on my head...need to go do my roots.
Keep searching...
p.s. love the cute chickens & of course your sons are cute too!!

Lisa said...

Just to let you know, I'm still looking for your soul as I pull weeds! Under every clump of grass, I check to see if it's there. Not yet, but I'm still looking!!


Mona said...

O my! i seem to find that notice everywhere! this is the third one today ( the other two being NYD & KB)

Soul searching?

Go within!

Toriz said...

*agrees about the Maltesers*

Hope you and your lads are doing OK. *hugs*

Cindy said...

I thought of you when I read this- one of my bus passengers gave me a bookmark with the verse on it for my birthday.

"Don't Quit"
Don't quit when the tide is lowest, for it's just about turn.

Don't quit over doubts and questions, for there's something you may learn.

Don't quit when the night is darkest, for it's just a while til dawn.

Don't quit when you've run the farthest for the race is almost won.

Don't quit when the hill is steepest, for your goal is almost nigh;

Don't quit, for you're not a failure until you fail to try."

Just a thought- are you still on a bunch of meds from your surgery? Do they need looking into again? I don't want to minimize what you're going through in any way, just want to be sure that some wrong drug combination isn't partly to blame.
I wish I had some magic words to help, but I don't. You are one of the most admirable people I've ever met, you take what life throws at you and you keep coming back swinging both fists. Don't stop now.

Lisa said...

I've got something for you over at my blog, when you feel up to it!

Deb said...

Hi - Just checking in to say hi. Soul searching can often take awhile. You certainly have a lot of friends who are willing to help you find it. Sign me up!

sparrow said...

Guess what I saw on the way home today?

A GIANT MOOSE! I crap you, not!

It's in the parking lot of a restaurant up the street... at LEAST 2 stories high.

I am going to take a picture... and then, when it's really dark outside, I'm going to saddle it up and bring it home, just for you!

I'm not sure what my bail will be, but I'll keep you posted.




buffalodick said...

You need a proper dressing down.. Enough of your nonsense! Time to get back in the game of Life! You think you can stop giving now? Not an option.. You are a Life coach, and there is a huge team waiting for you to say something profound.. May be your time for doing the deed is sort of over.. May be it's time to start showing them kids how to do it has begun.. You have a true heart, but now it is time to teach what you have learned.. I am never wrong enough to bother with- The Buf..

Anonymous said...

((((((( Meloday )))))))

as always, love you, dear...
not sure of all that is hurting inside of you, but my prayers and sweetest thoughts are with you....

* gazey *

When my beloved ones part, I say my prayers.
I feel so lonely, since I know, they´ll take a piece of me.
Their love will remain inside like a rock.
Their deep eyes will melt with the blue sea.

Their basket of love took my breath away,
Their best smiles were the extra miles
That set all my tears behind.
Glowing like a candle -they sailed with the wind,
And rowing their mist towards the sun.

Their lives were seasons to an end,
So many reasons to pretend
That they would still be with me there
To share fun, joy and a prayer.

Oh, mama!! It´s so hard to die...
Birds are singing in the sky,
Music is flowing in the air,
While Angels cry their Heavenly prayers.

Anonymous said...

(((( Melody )))))
sorry I misspelled your name in the last post....
also, here is just a little something to think over....
love you, dear one...

* gazey *

The Metamorphosis
The metamorphosis begins.
The being struggles with the change.
Old ways do not fit.
New ways are still unknown.
The inner harmony awaits awakening;
But it is impatient.
As do the leaves change colour
and fall to the ground
And the caterpillar changes to develop flight
So do I change.
Each change has its time,
Its meanings, its purposes, its joys
But each stage must also pass
It is life.

It is time to set the spirit free
Yet I struggle with the change.
As the questions run rampant
through my mind,
The turmoil mounts inside.
What is my spirit?
Where will it lead me?
How will it fit into my life ?
Or how will my life fit into it ?

All my present habits,
My safety nets, my roles --
What will happen to these
as my spirit shows its face?
The masks I wear--
Do they grow old?
The writer, the mother, the protector?
The risk seems great
To one who lives in a safe little world.
Dare I take the chance?
Do I let the spirit out?
Do I continue as I have?
Can I even stop the spirit from soaring?
Yes I know this can be done !
In the deep dark corner of my being
The spirit has sat so long !
It has risen to let itself be known
But it can be buried once again.

But should this be done?
No. I have been given this spirit.
It is mine.
It is me.
I have the key
To set it free.
But, it, also, is buried deep inside.
And now I sit
On the edge of the metamorphosis
Searching for the key
That will open the door --
And the spirit will be out.

The floodgates shall open
And out it shall pour --
My goals, my dreams, my mission in life !
I shall hold the world in my hands.
I shall be whole.
And the void shall be filled
With the power of life.

But where do I go from here?
These are but words upon a page.
That which must take place
Is still trapped inside.
How do I let it loose ?
What is the key?
And where do I find the courage
To do what must be done?
I listen to my heart
But it seems silent.
My spirit seems to taunt me --
I am here --
Try and find me !
And yet when I look
The farther away it seems to be.

I look to others for the answer.
Yet they do not know.
They are puzzled by my questions.
They are unaware --
Unaware of that
which sits below the surface,
Begging to be set free
Unaware of the struggle that I face !
All that I have been
Seems to be put in doubt.
Yet is this true?
No, I am still a writer, a mother, a protector.
These I shall always be.
But I am more.
I am life !
I am the wind and the sun.
I am the mist upon the waters.
I am sunsets blazing in the skies
And yet this is not all.
I am more.
And so I wait
For the metamorphosis.
I am ready to take flight.
But first I need my wings!
Spirit, I await you --
The time is near.
I shall find the courage
To meet my destiny
To meet my spirit
To know me.
The world awaits me.
It has known all along
What I have to offer.
It has shown me its wind and its sun.
It has spread the mist before me
As I sat upon the water's edge.
It has tantalized my soul
With the beauty of its sunsets.
How could I have not seen?

I felt its fingers reach inside
And fill my being with wonder.
I have felt the fulfillment of life.
How could I have known?
And so I take my pen and lens
And venture out into the world
To capture that which I have felt
And present it for all to see.
The words and the pictures
Shall say it all --
This is my spirit.
This is me.
I have found it.
I am free.

The spirit is in me.
I ache to know it.
I give in to you spirit.
I am yours,
As you are mine.
Come and take me away
To the future that awaits me.
With all its troubles, its glories, its loves.
The metamorphosis begins.
And I am glad.

Lana Gramlich said...

Good luck. Come back soon!

Toriz said...

Just dropping by to say, "hi," and ask how you're doing. *hugs*

Akelamalu said...

Have you found it yet????

Check out my post tomorrow babe there's an award for you. xx

JBelle said...

hey! where is my friend?!

Cindy said...

Hope things are getting better for you...

JBelle said...

okay, I'll ask again: WHERE'S MY FRIEND???

PEACE said...

Aww. Good luck on the journey, there is beauty all around so take time to smell the roses.

Toriz said...

*misses Toasty's blog posts* :(

Anonymous said...

please hurry and find your soul, missing ya girl x

JBelle said...


JBelle said...

I have a birthday present here!! are you there or not?!

Jackie said...

Miss you, Mel!

MarmiteToasty said...



~((((vodka mom)))~ well, dont know about cool arse shit LOL.... scroll back and enjoy some of the more normal rubbish.... oh, and welcome...xxxxx

~(((lulda casadaga)))~ bugger and I thought you was on to a winner in PA looking for me soul lol...xxxxx

~((((((((lisa))))))))~ I think whoever stole it must of squashed it into kingdom come and forgot about it :(.... hugs to you girl...xxxxxx

~(((mona)))~ hey welcome you :) - I have gone within, this is way much deeper.....xxxxx

~((((((((((toriZ))))))))~jebus I shared a family bag of white malteasers with my Jacob LOL. we just couldnt stop eating them....xxxxxxxx

~((((((((((cindy)))))))))))~ love ya...xxxxxx

~((((lisa)))))))~ ya daft cow, how can ya give the likes of me an award with this shit I post LOL......xxxxxxxx

~(((((deb))))))~ fanks debs, you go north and hunt for my soul there, the thing is, I actually know where it is, it just wont come home...xxxxx

~((((((((pixie))))))))~ OH MY.... dam, I would LOVE a giant moose on the top of me car LOL..... we saw a spread eagled moose on a van when in Wistconsance 3 years ago, I would of loved to of driven it home lol...... love ya girl....xxxxxxxx

~(((((((((Buff))))))))~ I say that every morning, and then it slips :( and I NEVER have anything profound to say, its all just a load of bollocks lol....

I will probably, maybe, possibly, do a post about all Ive learnt and let spill the wheres and whys that brought me to this place......love you......xxxxxxx

~((((((((Patti))))))))))~ I LOVE you my forever friend...... words we have never taken lightly, when said they are what they are 'forever friends'....xxxxxxxx

~((((((lana)))))))))~ welcome you.... maybe soon.... there will probably be no one here if I did LOL...xxxxx

~(((((((toriZ)))))~ saying hi back.... been such a busy fortnight here..... xxxxxxx

~(((((((Ake)))))))~ I aint found it, but Im trying to learn to lay it to rest.....fanks you, again, I so dont deserve an award....xxxxxxxx

~((((((cindy))))))~ Im working myself to exhaustion in an attempt to get on with life....xxxxx

~((((((JBelle)))))))~ lost in life....love you...xxxxxx

~(((((((peace)))))~ welcome you....... if you knew me, then you would know, not only do I smell the roses in life, I smell the dandelions :).....xxxxx

~((((((toriZ))))))~ now you STOP that lol gawds sake....xxxxxx

~((((((((wanderer)))))))~ Im missing everyone to :(.....xxxxxxx

~((JBelle))))~ helllllooooo lol

Glad the pressie arrived.... I so LOVE finding things for maties birthdays and crimbo....enjoy....xxxxx

~(((((Inspired))))))~ I miss me to...:(......xxxxx

buffalodick said...

Did you ever see the movie "Field of Dreams"? "Build the field, and they will come..." Write the words, then erase them, edit your words, but keep the words coming, and you will find your soul again.. I usuallly don't spend this much time on people who don't listen to me, but you are a special case... Try what I say, and then you will know what you really want to say.. You're practically writing comments that could be full blown posts.. Quit swinging and not hitting, start fighting and winning again..

Toriz said...

You know what I reckon? I reckon the person that stole your soul's got it locked up some place and it can't get out.

I can see it now... Huddled in the corner of it's little cage. All alone and scared. Maybe even crying. And saying in this little sniffly voice, "What am I doing here? I want to go home! Why wont they let me go home!"

Oh... I really hope they're feeding the poor thing properly!

MarmiteToasty said...

~(((((((((((Buff))))))))))))))~ fank you for still believing in me.... Ive always lived my life as 'those fields of dreams' .... maybe time to put that ache in me pocket, and even though I KNOW it will be there until I die, I will have to shove me hanky on top of it to muffle the ache....

Nah, I aint special.... Im just Melody..... honest, loving, empathetic, compassionate and good...... its just ashame that those that I thought also were... are actually just fooling themselves, and maybe its those that need to look inside themselves..... love you dear man.....xxxxxxxxxxx

~(((((((toriZ))))))))~ LMFAO@you, ya daft cow lol..... lets hope they are feeding it white covered chocolate malteasers :).... and not bloody cardboard.......xxxxxxxxxx

Intense Guy said...


I've heard you have been so busy, you've not had time to scratch your bum. I hope its not been itching. If so, here is an Automatic Bum Scratcher (some adjustments may be needed)

Hugs - I miss you - hope you are a happy busy :)

LadyStyx said...

Oh yay!! You were in here visiting!! I was beginning to think you'd truly forgotten us....

miss you bunches hun **HUGZ**

walter and me said...

Hello MarmiteToasty, thanks for delurking at my blog, and sharing chicken tails. Ben's coops are so cool, one day I'll have one too, and some chickens to go in it! Hope you're enjoying your blog break. x

Toriz said...

Yes, let's hope they're feeding it white chocolate Maltesers. That'll make the lonelyness more bearable for the poor soul! ;)

susan said...

You lost your soul, and I lost my mind. We would make a great pair!!!

Peace to you, my friend.

buffalodick said...

Welcome to my world... Give until you can't give anymore, and who cares... You gave because it was your destiny to be a giver! Never do life for others, they aren't doing it for you! Start small.. be thankful for air to breathe, water to drink, people- who's face makes you happy and realize you are why they are here. Build from that, until you are in the form that made you a force to be reckoned with.. It ain't your soul that's missing, it's your life force which you are questioning.. You drive that bus... get the wheel back!

Robin said...

My friend Kevin (a woman) has a daughter Cellie. And when Kevin is at a loss (which is where you seem to be) and stuck (which is how you seem to be), Cellie will look at her and say, "Mom. GET MAD."

I don't imagine Melody 'mad' is a pretty sight, but I'd sure like to see it.


The Mistress of the Moonlight said...

Hey Woman...where are you??? Wondered how you were doing. Please stop by my blog and leave me a note so I know that you are doing okay. Sign me, Worried about you in Small Town America, M

Jen said...

I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hello. Hope all is well.

Jen said...

I was just thinking about you and wanted to say hello. Hope all is well.

LadyStyx said...

*sneaks in and drops off a flower*

Miss ya

*sneaks back out*

Toriz said...

*Poking my head around the door to check if you're about... realising you aren't I wander off to check other blogs, hoping I'll have better luck next time*

Maggie May said...

Where are you? We miss you! Hope you are OK.

JBelle said...

got a coool present for you....

Anonymous said...

Such a popular woman are you. I will drop in once in awhile just to say 'hi', as I put myself in the cooler till after the election. Of course I will still write you by e-mail, I like that very much. I hope you keep the boys and girls in line on the blog and I do miss your comments already, and it's only been about 10 days. Oh well, such is life. Take good care of yourself. The Stickman

MarmiteToasty said...


Ive been keeping myself so very busy with 3 hospital appointments a week and I have all me nippers back now school is in full swing, my lads have kept me way to busy and the stories of some of the stuff is mindblowingly funny..... many many childminding meetings, school campfire.. and just life in general....

I never found me soul, so Ive given up on that, and just hope that oneday it finds its way back to me, I still miss it, and its very hard to function without it, cos its the one thing that Ive kept safe all me life.... and I let it down.. maybe, it will forgive me and come back oneday...

Anyways.... I aint had time to scratch me bum here....so please forgive me not getting around to everyones blobs....

~((((intense guy)))~ LOL@that little cartoon, you loon :)... I miss you to.... but Im alive and breathing be it everso slowly lol....xxxxxxxxx

~(((ladystyx))))~ I could NEVER forget anyone, its not in me nature, once a friend, always a friend, unless ya shit on me head :)... then I will bid me time and there WILL be payback :)..xxxxx

~(((((pebbledash)))))~ I can be a bit of a lurker on blobs lol.... Im just a bloody lurker - blurker lol....xxxxx

~((((((((((((((Susan)))))))))))))~ we make a right daft pair dont we... love you susan....xxxxxxxxx

~(((((buff))))))~ I give because its in my heart and was in my soul, Im a giver of everything and I do it with love and for no gain..... wish I could talk to you proper, maybe you could sort me out LOL.... or I might be a lost cause.....Ive always wanted to drive a bus...xxxxxxxxxxxx

~(((((((robin))))))))~ oh my, have I got mad lol.... it is NOT a pretty sight, its ok getting mad if ya have someone to just hold you so you can cry it all out.... but alas I dont have that.... so I sit on the beach late at night and get mad with myself and shout and scream at the world, but many at myself.....xxxxxxxxx

~((((mistress moonlight)))~ Im just stacking things on the shelves of me mind, trying to store certain things on the right shelf, only that shelf is a little full with unanswered questions as yet.....xxxxxxx

~((((jen))))~Im ok, fanks you..... just a little sad,and still a little scared, but that feeling will eventually go, right?.......xxxxxxxx

~((((((ladystyx)))))~ gawds sake, its like a road death site with all these flowers LOL..... xxxxxx

~(((((((Tori))))))))~ I didnt think anyone still bothered lol...... hugz to you and kelly......xxxxx

~((((maggie)))))~ missing everyone to..... just dont know what to do for the best.......xxxxxxx

~((((((JBelle))))))~ hey you, I dont deserve anything.... honestly....xxxxxxxx

~((((((Stickman))))))~ nah, not popular, a bit of a loser if Im honest lol.... Ive only popped in dingleberries but twice since all the election stuff, to be honest Ive hardly been on me computer at all... to knackered, pain is draining, and been fitting in about 60 hours work etc.... I have to many others to care for and to think about, no time for me....... xxxxxx

JeanneH said...

Marmie ~ so glad to see you're getting back into the swing of things, and that life is somewhat returning to "normal." And just for your information, you have NOT lost your soul...you still love, and you still laugh, and you still cry, I know...this takes soul, my dear! So stop wasting your precious time looking for it ~ you'll feel better soon. Don't let me get started on MY troubles!! You're not alone! Write to me...(when you find the time!)...Love you, JeanneH in Idaho xoxoxo

buffalodick said...

I demand you post soon! You must! Not for us. For you. Come back, and you will find what you need. Your friends and loved ones cannot fix you, but they care, and can at the very least- help. If you only knew how much I wished I had people that cared about me, like they care about you..

Toriz said...

I check your blog for new comments or posts almost every day. I told you I'd keep checking, and I meant it!

Sorry you never found your soul. I hope it comes back to you. If I see it around I'll let it know you're sorry and that you miss it and want it to come home if it can forgive you. ;)

Sue O. (aka Joannie, SS) said...

As the old saying goes, where there is life, there is hope. You're not under the ground, so I'm quite sure the soul is intact. It just has need of a wick to light it up again. (I think I may have eaten Elizabeth's trail of Smarties. They're my favorite candy). But I don't think you need them anyway. You have a huge trail of bloggers showing the way.

LadyStyx said...

Well I was going to toss malteasers, but I didnt want your blog to get over-run with ants or any other critter with a sweettooth. ~grinz~

Mona said...

Goodness! That is one naughty truant soul~!

Give it a good spanking when you find it!

MarmiteToasty said...

~((((jeanneh))))~ yeah, Im keeping as busy as I possibly can, usually dragging me gimpy leg behind me lol.... well, Ive stopped looking for me soul, I know where it is and who has it.....I just hope against all odds, that they keep it safe like I have for the last 50 years.... and maybe oneday return it to me.... xxxxx

~((((buff))))~ maybe soon.... though I have no idea what I would even write lol...... cos I never use to plan, I would just sit infront an see where my soul and heart took me..... so its just up to me heart now to fill that role.... Im overwhelmed by so many people, people that I consider now friends....... and hey, I care very deeply for you.... so dont you forget it...xxxxxxx

~(((((((((ToriZ))))))))~ ya wont find it on no Welsh mountain lol...... :)..... its with the picket fence in my last post..... xxxxxx

~(((((((((((((ss))))))))))))~ yeah there is still a little life in this old dog yet lol.... gimpy leg, weepying hump and wonky eye.... malteasers are NOT smarties, even though smarties are rather morish lol.....I feel like hansel and gretal following the breadcrumbs :)..... ya have that fairy story in doodleland? right?.....xxxxx

~((((((ladystyx)))))))~ did ya ever use to gently squash ants when ya was a child and then burn them with a magnifying glass lol....... ;)... nah, me neither, honest LOL...xxxxxx

MarmiteToasty said...

~((((jeanneh))))~ yeah, Im keeping as busy as I possibly can, usually dragging me gimpy leg behind me lol.... well, Ive stopped looking for me soul, I know where it is and who has it.....I just hope against all odds, that they keep it safe like I have for the last 50 years.... and maybe oneday return it to me.... xxxxx

~((((buff))))~ maybe soon.... though I have no idea what I would even write lol...... cos I never use to plan, I would just sit infront an see where my soul and heart took me..... so its just up to me heart now to fill that role.... Im overwhelmed by so many people, people that I consider now friends....... and hey, I care very deeply for you.... so dont you forget it...xxxxxxx

~(((((((((ToriZ))))))))~ ya wont find it on no Welsh mountain lol...... :)..... its with the picket fence in my last post..... xxxxxx

~(((((((((((((ss))))))))))))~ yeah there is still a little life in this old dog yet lol.... gimpy leg, weepying hump and wonky eye.... malteasers are NOT smarties, even though smarties are rather morish lol.....I feel like hansel and gretal following the breadcrumbs :)..... ya have that fairy story in doodleland? right?.....xxxxx

~((((((ladystyx)))))))~ did ya ever use to gently squash ants when ya was a child and then burn them with a magnifying glass lol....... ;)... nah, me neither, honest LOL...xxxxxx

MarmiteToasty said...

~(((mona)))~ goodness, ya snuck in whilst I was typing lol..... nah, I cant spank it, its suffered enough lol I'll have to hug it to death :).......xxxxx

Mona said...

LOL! Now you found her, you want to kill her???

Toriz said...

Well, I just thought that since you said you wanted to come and see the mountains then it might come visit them by itself. And if it did then it would be close enough so it might pop in and have some marmite on toast with my Mam, and either she could come get me and take me up there so I could try and talk it in to coming home or she could bring it here. LOL!

Soul Retrieval said...

Soul Retrieval is very easy for the client. They lie relaxed and comfortable and I journey to the Lower World, using the sound of my rattle to help change my level of consciousness so I can journey and search for the missing soul part. Very often I am given a gift to bring back to the client along with a power animal, an ally, which assists and supports the client on their own journey through life
Soul Retrieval