Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ok - I was coming back to blogging with all the amazing and wonderful news and the hard news that had happened to myself and my little family.... when 6 weeks ago yesterday something horrendous happened to my Sam, my darling beautiful funny as fuck Sam...... Sam works real hard as a groundworker, long hard hours, a job he loves.... on Friday evening 6 weeks ago straight from work he met a couple of mates up the local pub for a quick pint after a long long week at work...... the so called friend in a spiteful act jabbed my Sam in the face with a pool cue........ it went through his eye and into his brain.... he was rushed to hospital where we were told he would die within the hour...... he didnt..... he was then lifted to the neurological speicialist hospital 30 miles away, one of the best in the country.... where he was placed on life support and given a 1% chance of survival and if he did survive they did not know in what state that would be..... for 2 weeks my darling boy hung on to life. with me and his brothers sitting with him constantly..... it is now 6 weeks on from that fateful evening that has chanced my Sams life forever, the pool cue went through his eye and right into his brain touching the skull on the other side, he had a brain op to remove the end of the cue that has broken off in his brain.... he has since been transferred to our more local hospital in the hope that the F1 rehab unit can try and get as much of my darling Sam back as possible.... he was an extreme skateboarder and a talented drummer, a funny popular young man that I adore...... we will never get our Sam back fully..... his brain is damaged....... my Sams life is no longer as it was and my life is now given completely to my son..... everyone knows the love I have for my boys....... this has totally ripped my heart and soul from my body...... I spend every single long day at my sons bedside its been 43 days now...... Im totally mentally and emotionally exhausted........ So dear friends of the blog world....... please forgive me for not blobbing as I promised...... I am no longer the person I once was 6 weeks ago, and neither is my precious Sam..... I will write more in a week or so........ please note my yahoo email I dont think is working so if anyone wishes to get hold of me please email me on - - dont think I have forgotten you all and the love and laughs we all once shared... cos I havent, you are all tucked safely in the pockets of my heart..... A dear dear friend has set up a support page where I do daily updates about my Sam and the raw writtings from my soul........ it is a closed group but if those that I know and love wish to be added then please just email me on the above addy..... This is a local newspaper clipping from that week..... its not all accurate, but sorta of.... you know, freedom of press and all that shit....... know you are loved by me your old friend......... xx